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          咨詢熱線:翟紅燕 (經理) 13906710685
          浙江金展鋼品股份有限公司 鋼筋桁架樓承板生產廠家


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            Zhejiang jinzhan steel Engineering Co.,ltd was established in 2010.that is hangzhou jinpeng steel engineering co.,ltd invested new company in Tongxiang City.we had bought more than 30 acres of land ,It will enlarge our range and expand money input which results,it had standardized steel structure factory of building 20000 square meters .The company is located in new industrial park of Tongxiang City ,there are attracting investment of a large number of Hangzhou relocation enterprises ,with a certain scale and production capacity and also traffic is very convenient 。

            Our company specializes in steel truss floor sheet ,all kinds of close and open typed floor decking sheet ,archaized metallic tile sheet ,Al-Mg-Mn ally plate.pre-painted wall or roofing corrugated steel sheet ,punching sheet and color ceiling sheet ,Benz & Audi 4S shop ‘s customized sheet and so on .These years ,we also try our best to expand of archaized metallic tile sheet ,color wave sheet ,GI and PPGI coil to oversea market ,products had well sold in America,European countries ,Australia ,Africa ,Middle East and Southeast Asia,etc.

            During company founded,we carry out this business concept which is “Humanity oriented ,Dedicated innovation” we have a modern inner management system and a group of high level professionals.Develops the new product positively and introduced new equipment .we insisted on the principles of “customers’ satisfaction is our best advertisement” and “superior quality, available price ,faithful cooperation,professional service”,we deal to meet the need of the clients .From design,production,process and sell that had be carefully and our excellent service have earned wide market recognition and our products sold around the world .


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            沒有最好,只有更好。 今后,浙江金展鋼品秉承精益求精,永續經營的品質理念,繼續專注于滿足客戶需求,為鋼品行業各客戶提供高品質,高效率,價格合理,性能優良的鋼筋桁架樓承板。